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A Memorial to Honor the Brave Soldiers of Our Nation

2-08 American SoldierIn hard times like these, a lot of Americans take our freedom for granted. However, it just takes looking at the countries that are not free nations to recognize the freedoms we enjoy. It is because of our troops and soldiers, both past and present, that we have these freedoms.

Soldiers In Stone is selling engraved bricks as a humble effort to permanently memorialize all those that serve, both living and deceased, on the Evansville Riverfront Walkway.

Buyers have the option to purchase an actual Project Brick which will be placed in the ground on the Evansville Riverfront Walkway on Veteran’s Day Weekend 2011, or a Replica Brick which is forever yours to keep. The bricks are available in both Ruby Red and Black Granite. Bricks can be engraved with words, phrases, or emblems. Check out the brick specifications page to view the different sizes and prices of the bricks.

The money that is made from this is going to different veteran organizations.

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